Archive 2013

The Fascinating Sound of Gamelan

september 5th and 7th
in Vredenburg/Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht

Amit Gilutz

The Task of Interpretation (2012)
Prepared String Quartet, Gamelan and Soundtrack

Jonas Bisquert

Su Llanto (2009)
Gamelan Quartet

Calliope Tsoupaki

Eothinion (2012/13)
String Quartet

Orestis Goumenos

Elsewhere (2013)
Gamelan, String Quartet, Piano and Timpani
Live-electronics: Tijs Ham

WOOOOOOOOOOSH (give or take an O)

A Multi-media Double-Bill, mixing radio-play and absurdistic texts, graphics and personal outpourings, with biting electronics and buzzing bronze.More in the flyer of Whooosh. A Performance in Two Parts

Secrecy of past things

by Lukas Simonis & Henk Bakker

Saskia de Jong – voice
Lukas Simonis – guitar, live-electronics, voice
Henk Bakker – bass-clarinet, live-electronics, voice
Ensemble Gending – Gamelan

A live radio-play with electronics, distorted guitar, soundscape, white noise, bass-clar., voices and gamelan. Based on text by Saskia de Jong, in a new version of the Manifest of Futurism of Filippo Marinetti

The obscure thoughts of Isabella Green

by Dyane Donck

The Obscure Thoughts of Isabella Green is a multi-media performance for gamelan, live-electronics and percussion in a scenery with alarming film – and graphic novel projections in which Evelien van den Broek acts and sings as Isabella Green. Her text is based on quotes of prose and poetry and outpourings of people who suffer from fear and depressions.

More information on a pdf.
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10 augustus 2013
Den Bosch, Toonzaal

9 augustus 2013
Den Bosch, Toonzaal

31 mei 2013
Tilburg, De Nieuwe Vorst

do 21 februari 2013
Eindhoven, Plaza Futura/Axes